• Tradition.


The guideline of Distilleria Beccaris is very simple: use the right raw materials and you will obtain good grappa and the right raw materials are supplied by Mother Nature: the marcs of Moscato, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto,just to mention only some of them, are excellent. Then the process involves experience and ability, these qualities together with the human touch are the secret gathering with the same passion people of different generations.

The activity set up in 1951 with two alembics with bain-marie method in the 60s underwent improvements with the introduction of the alembic for continuous distillation, an innovating plantthat did not affect the good quality of the product while a new plant with discontinuous alembic for the distillation of selected marcs has been recently installed near the historical plants. To understand the importance of the current production of the Distilleria Beccaris just have a look of the new elegant shop close to the factory.

Here a wonderful range of bottles shows all tones of golden yellow, while the cellars contain the barrels of Slavonian oak for the ageing: the best visit card and appealing invitation to taste the precious distillates. Nowadays, in the new shop near the distillery the guests are welcomed by Carlo Beccaris and his two sons Marco and Paolo, there you get the impreession of staying in a family, in the special atmosphere of kindness, serousness and tradition that are the most beatiful image in Piedmont.